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International Journal 목록
번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회
120 [2004] Jae Kyeong Jeong, "Influence of Al doping on lattice strain and electrical properties of epit… 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 499
119 [2004] Hoon Joo Na, "High-Quality Schottky and Ohmic Contacts in Planar 4H-SiC MESFETs and Device Pe… 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 392
118 [2004] Jae Kyeong Jeong, "Improvement in the Crystalline Quality of Epitaxial GaN Films Grow by MOCV… 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 420
117 [2004] Ji-Eun Lim, "Microstructual characterization of sputter-deposited Pt thin film electrode" 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 355
116 [2004] Sang Yeol Kang, "Thermal stability and deposition behaviors of Ru thin films prepared by usin… 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 356
115 [2003] Jae Bin Lee, "Deposition of ZnO thin films by magnetron sputtering for a film bulk acoustic r… 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 291
114 [2003] Kook Hyun Choi, "The Experimental and Theoretical Characterization of the SAW Propagation Pro… 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 450
113 [2003] Hyeong Joon Kim, "Deposition and characterization of high dielectric thin films for memory ap… 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 255
112 [2003] Jung Heon Lee, "Hydration behavior of MgO single crystals and thin films" 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 367
111 [2003] Ha Jin Lim, "Analysis of stresses in Ru thin films prepared by chemical vapor deposition" 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 338
110 [2003] Myung Yoon Um, "Low Temperature Hydogen Plasma Treatment for Defect passivation in 4H-SiC" 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 244
109 [2003] Chihoon Lee, "Arsenic penetration behavior and electrical characteristics of As-doped n+ pol… 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 426
108 [2003] Hyeong Joon Kim, "Characterization of low-dielectric-constant SiOC thin films deposited by PE… 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 240
107 [2003] Chihoon Lee, "Deep Submicron CMOS Technology Using Top-Edge Round STI and Dual Gate Oxide for… 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 347
106 [2003] In Sang Jeon, "Post-Annealing Effects on Fixed Charge and Slow/Fast Interface States of TiN/A… 첨부파일 관리자 05-06 412
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